The beautiful smile intrigues, modest touches, kind pleases, happy fascinates, sincere – inspires. The smile doesn’t leave indifferent. Smile!

Welcome to the official site of dental clinic of “ELSIA”!


By creating our clinic, we first of all thought of comfort of our patients that the campaign to the dentist causes only positive emotions. Work of our clinic is constructed on the principle of dialogue of the dentist and patient, after all the trust of the patient to the attending doctor is the most important point in medicine. It is important for us that the patient takes active participation part in treatment process, and the doctor could execute all wishes, considering features of a psychological and emotional spirit of the client.

Thanks to the latest technologies in stomatology, our doctors will help you to take care of yours health and to return self-confidence through a dazzling smile, because for us it is a favorite work which we perform with pleasure, treating each patient, as to the friend.


Our clinic offers a full range of modern services in the Stomatological field – starting from prevention of diseases, and finishing with high quality esthetic restoration. Thanks to experience of our experts, you considerably will save your precious time and further preventive visits to the dentist will become for you the pleasant procedure which isn’t bringing discomfort.


Come to us and we will return you self-confidence!

Always at your service,

Clinic of ELSIA.