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I always wanted larger breast, but I thought it is very dangerous and expensive operation for me. By a chance, I explored Riga-Beauty and decided first to meet and ask personally all questions. Their suggestions were very surprising me (from the quality and price). Then I spoke with my boyfriend and we decided that I should go to Riga.

I’m so excited! .. Everything turned out so cool! I have a gorgeous breasts now! My boyfriend is very happy! Thank you so much!!!


Hi guys I’ve been unhappy with my nose (after having it done twice) for a while now as well as having other concerns with my face. I started looking into plastic surgery over seas as having multiple procedures done in Germany would cost a fortune. After lots of research I decided I wanted forehead augmentation, paranasal augmentation and another nose job and I picked a hospital in Riga, with Riga`s Beauty help.

After arriving at the airport we(me and Lilit) went directly to the consultation. Dr. Kremnev was very patient and friendly. Answered on all my questions (due to my bad experience) and assured me in a good result! After formalities were done,we went for analysis(with Lilit e had no rows of waiting people) she was doing all paper work and translations. It took us around 1,5-2h total.
Surgery was booked for next morning 9 a.m.
The hotel I stayed was amazing and clinic was just behind the corner!
In the morning Lilit came with me to the Clinic. She guided me through filling out some paperwork.
I had a final chat with the two doctors who would be performing the surgeries (surgeon and anesthesiologist).

My translator-companion Lilit was amazing she stayed there right until the last minute and helped make me feel very comfortable and both the doctors were very good natured, supportive and professional.
I’m felt fine so far, no pain around my head just discomfort as you can imagine, my nose was completely blocked and i had a bandage around the top half of my head, nose splint and gauze under the nose, face looked more like a balloon and some bruising under my eyes…their very purple. do we want pics of this? let me know.
I stayed in clinic 24h and on the next morning (after doctor checked me) Lilit picked me up. The staff was really nice and careful to me!
Stay was really pleasant. After 6 days my gips was taken away I was ready to fly home.
At the moment my nose is still pumped but I like the shape and result I see in the mirror. The final result will be in a year!

Thank you very much!


When I went to Riga I worried, because it was my first trip. I was thinking about the people who live there. How will I understand them?… I had many fears, but it was all needless.

People in Riga are very polite, nice and service is pleasant

I would like to say also about the doctors and medical staff. After consulting with the doctor, I stopped worrying, because I they explained me all and answered on all my questions. With  language I had also no problem (my English is not so perfect) – the doctor spoke with me in English. After the operation, I was feeling comfortable too – the staff also spoke English, and was very friendly.

I am not sorry about anything and very pleased with the result. Thanks to the team-Riga Beauty!


Thank you, thank you! I can’t say enough good things about these folks! I’ve had a nightmare experience with a tooth extraction and this wonderful staff took such good care of me.
Over a year ago I broke a molar which led to infection. Ouch. Saw a dentist. He sent me to another dentist for a root canal. They couldn’t perform a root canal so they numbed me, gave me a temporary filling and sent me on my way (they were terribly rude but that’s a whole other story). Whatever they used made me terribly shaky so I told the NEXT dentist I was sent to for my extraction and he used the same stuff! I left numb, shaky, and twitching with a painful tooth still in tact. So not happy.
It took me another 6 months to brave up and try another dentist. Was looking for a good one so long! Friend of mine adviced me Riga Beauty`s services. I contacted them and oh man! we met for a cup of coffee and Lilit was super sweet, showed me some works of dr. Vahitovs from Riga, gave me so much information, contacted him immediately and did all her best to get an appointment Asap (you know how good doctors are busy). After all formalities were done and tickets bought..we were on our way to Riga! Went directly to the dental clinic from the airport(i was assuming we will manage to do all amount f work in such a short terms, only a WEEKEND!) i also wanted to make some hygiene and bleaching. After arrival first what i saw were the diplomas and certificates! Second positive surprise, we went directly to his cabinet WITHOUT WAITING! They have latest equipment. They made Xray and doctor showed me in 3d the real problems and the possible treatment! It is unbelievable! They way the work!! The hygienist girls couldn’t be more gentle and re-assuring and Dr.Vahitovs is a real pro. He used something other than my nemesis, epinephrine, to numb me up, told me everything he was going to do and literally pulled that tooth in less 10 minutes. Seriously, this tooth has caused me so much stress, anxiety and discomfort over the past year, I am so grateful I found this place. After all treatment(which took me few hours in clinic) I could still enjoy Riga`s sightseeing and unforgettable time in Riga!!

I was completely pleased with my visit. And I’ll definitely be back!

Highly recommend!