Thank you, thank you! I can’t say enough good things about these folks! I’ve had a nightmare experience with a tooth extraction and this wonderful staff took such good care of me.
Over a year ago I broke a molar which led to infection. Ouch. Saw a dentist. He sent me to another dentist for a root canal. They couldn’t perform a root canal so they numbed me, gave me a temporary filling and sent me on my way (they were terribly rude but that’s a whole other story). Whatever they used made me terribly shaky so I told the NEXT dentist I was sent to for my extraction and he used the same stuff! I left numb, shaky, and twitching with a painful tooth still in tact. So not happy.
It took me another 6 months to brave up and try another dentist. Was looking for a good one so long! Friend of mine adviced me Riga Beauty`s services. I contacted them and oh man! we met for a cup of coffee and Lilit was super sweet, showed me some works of dr. Vahitovs from Riga, gave me so much information, contacted him immediately and did all her best to get an appointment Asap (you know how good doctors are busy). After all formalities were done and tickets bought..we were on our way to Riga! Went directly to the dental clinic from the airport(i was assuming we will manage to do all amount f work in such a short terms, only a WEEKEND!) i also wanted to make some hygiene and bleaching. After arrival first what i saw were the diplomas and certificates! Second positive surprise, we went directly to his cabinet WITHOUT WAITING! They have latest equipment. They made Xray and doctor showed me in 3d the real problems and the possible treatment! It is unbelievable! They way the work!! The hygienist girls couldn’t be more gentle and re-assuring and Dr.Vahitovs is a real pro. He used something other than my nemesis, epinephrine, to numb me up, told me everything he was going to do and literally pulled that tooth in less 10 minutes. Seriously, this tooth has caused me so much stress, anxiety and discomfort over the past year, I am so grateful I found this place. After all treatment(which took me few hours in clinic) I could still enjoy Riga`s sightseeing and unforgettable time in Riga!!

I was completely pleased with my visit. And I’ll definitely be back!

Highly recommend!